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Our artist, Alicia Gribbin, graduated Munson Williams Proctor Institute in Utica, NY and then transferred down to Sarasota, FL to finish up her schooling at Ringling School of Art and Design. After graduating both schools she obtained an AA in Fine Arts from Munson and a BA in Illustration from Ringling. 

After graduating, Alicia realized her passion for working with scratchboard and combined it with her love for animals. She has always loved animals, and grew up with family dogs. Alicia also fell in love with greyhounds the moment she laid eyes on them at the Sarasota Kennel Club when she worked there. Her and her husband have even owned two of these wonderful dogs.

Alicia specializes not only in the commissioned scratchboard portraits, but also in our new technique, Ductanimals. Ready made ones can be purchased, or you can commission a pet in this medium as well. 

Our goal is to create a beautiful and lasting memory of your favorite furry friend (or scaly or feathery :) ). We will do a commission of any animal. Our joy is making you a piece that captures your family member that you can treasure for many years to come.